Corporate Profile

We are a highly differentiated and fast-growing, extreme value retailer of brand name merchandise at drastically reduced prices. Known for our assortment of “Good Stuff Cheap,” we offer customers a broad selection of brand name products, including housewares, food, books and stationery, bed and bath, floor coverings, toys and hardware. Our differentiated go-to market strategy is characterized by a unique, fun and engaging treasure hunt shopping experience, compelling customer value proposition and witty, humorous in-store signage and advertising campaigns. These attributes have driven our rapid growth and strong and consistent store performance.

Mark Butler, our late Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer, co-founded Ollie’s in 1982, based on the idea that “everyone in America loves a bargain.” Since opening our first store in Mechanicsburg, PA, we have expanded throughout the Eastern half of the United States. Our no-frills, “semi-lovely” warehouse style stores average approximately 32,500 square feet and generate consistently strong financial returns across all vintages, geographic regions, population densities, demographic groups, real estate formats and regardless of any cotenant. Our business model has resulted in positive financial performance during strong and weak economic cycles. We believe there is opportunity for more than 950 Ollie’s locations across the United States based on internal estimates and third party research conducted by Jeff Green Partners, a retail real estate feasibility consultant that provides market analysis and strategic planning and consulting services.

Our constantly changing merchandise assortment is procured by a highly experienced merchant team, who leverage deep, long-standing relationships with hundreds of major manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, brokers and retailers. These relationships enable our merchant team to find and select only the best buys from a broad range of brand name and closeout product offerings and to pass drastically reduced prices along to our customers. As we grow, we believe our increased scale will provide us with even greater access to brand name products because many large manufacturers favor large buyers capable of acquiring an entire deal. Our merchant team augments these deals with directly sourced products including Ollie’s own private label brands and other products exclusive to Ollie’s.